The Purpose and Power of Sex Part 2

Pornography is everywhere — on billboards, the internet and its wide choice of pornographic sites, in lyrics of songs, in music videos, in films and on the lips of people (in their language, jokes and off-colour remarks). Practically all popular soap operas have their stories built around premarital sex, adultery, homosexuality and divorce; these issues are made to seem trivial. X-rated magazines and films abound, film stars are known to hop from one sexual relationship to another, yet they are role models to millions of teenagers and young adults around the world the world, and surgeries to enlarge female and male sexual organs are still performed in the name of sex.The society sells sex one way or the other and unfortunately, many young men and women, teenagers included, seem to buy into it. Premarital sex has become one of the greatest social problems of our time, as it is the reason for:The great increase in the incidence of teenage pregnancies in our society;many young ladies being single mothers, while the young men are absentee fathers;the consistent rise in the rate of abortion and unfortunately, the number of young women who die from it is also rising. The rise in AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases amongst our teenagers, youth and adults; sexual vices such as rape, incest, homosexuality and pornography.The problem is not with sex but with the fact that people do not know the power and purpose of sex hence they abuse it. There is a better way to handle and prevent sex in courtship. I know from personal experience that it is possible to have a pre-marital relationship without having sex. I courted my wife for about three years and we never had sex; I married as a virgin. If I could do it, so can you. All it takes is a decision, the decision to remain sexually chaste before marriage, no matter the odds.